Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Prove that the Itineraries Provided are VALID?

For flight itinerary validation: simply look up the airline reservation code available on the itinerary we provide you with. Enter in the code on the airline’s website (different airlines have different search systems) and you will see that your reservation is valid. You can also call the airline directly.

For hotel itineraries: please call the designated hotels and you will be able to confirm your reservation directly with the hotel. Most hotels don’t have an online confirmation system like airlines, that’s why a phone call is necessary.

I Didn't Receive the Confirmed Itinerary Yet and it's Been Couple of Days. What's Going on?

We have never failed to meet our customer’s expectations and try our best to send the itineraries as per our service policies. We suggest you check your SPAM folder first. Most likely you will find the itinerary there, but if not, reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out immediately!

Which Countries Do You Provide Itineraries to?

Any country in the world!

Are You Sure I Don't Have to Actually Purchase Tickets For the Visa Application?

Yes. Most embassies (France, Italy, Belgium, China, Japan etc.) explicitly discourage purchasing flight tickets before obtaining the visa as they cannot guarantee that the application will be accepted. As an example of this, the Danish Official Portal for Foreigners specifically states: Please note: The Immigration Service recommends that you do not buy a plane ticket before receiving your visa.

What if there are 2 or more of us?

If there are more travelers than one, please go to the pricing section and pick the service you like and click on “Order Now”. Simply fill in the form, and select the correct number of travelers before you make the payment.

Can I Have the Itinerary As Soon As Possible?

Of course! Please message us on WhatsApp with your itinerary details and we will respond in minutes with your itinerary.

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