Get Flight Itinerary and Hotel Booking For Visa Application - FAQ

Why to order itinerary from us ?

We are one of the most leading and senior most travel agencies that was established in the year 2015. Later on, we extended our services on the online gateway with the most experienced staff that provides accurate information for all the Visa applications such as flight reservations for Schengen visa, flight Itinerary for visa Applications worldwide. Our agency has all the rights to access and make reservations with more than 400 airlines operating worldwide. We are a team of experts that make sure to fetch a perfect and unquestionable itinerary experience which works in consonance with the best services such as making reservations on reasonable airlines having less connectivity, flights with a short travel duration as well as transit visa free routes keeping in view your schedules with other connecting flights. We also provide hotel stays in various multi cities and cover other important aspects while providing our services.

Do you provide verifiable Flight itineraries?

The itineraries that we provide are 100 percent genuine in nature. They are further followed by a confirmed status and could also be verified on their respective airlines portals by the way of providing 6-digit airline reservation code and the last name of the passenger on the itineraries from the airlines. We also provide the service of flight reservation for visa application.

Do you provide confirmed Hotel Bookings?

Yes. As we have already mentioned that our staff makes sure to fetch you confirmed star rated and nominal hotel reservations. We have extended an instant reservation access in our service which is further connected with a network of more than 120,000 well-known hotels in terms of their hospitality throughout the world. You can directly get in touch with the hotel management by calling them and confirming your bookings. At the same time, you can directly make payment to stay in your travel once your visa has been approved after submitting your flight ticket reservation for Visa. You can get in touch with us anytime for the flight reservation for Schengen Visa and we would be happy to help you out.

How fast can you provide the itinerary?

We have established ourselves as one experienced travel agency. We have provided a number of customers with their itineraries within one hour on the expedite service charges. We have extended our services to them while they were at the embassy and while they were requiring itineraries. Our services include 1-hour 3-hour as well as 24-hour delivery option and you can pick any of these as per your requirement. We will make sure to deliver your concerned service to you within the time. Thus, whether it is flight ticket reservation for Visa or any itinerary service – we make sure to extend our helping hand to you.

Where will you deliver our itineraries?

We will deliver you your itinerary in a PDF which would be in a ready to print format. This document will be provided to you on your registered email that you have submitted during filling our order form. Thus, you must make sure that all the details as to your email address are put in correctly. In case of various kinds of typographical errors in your email id or missing travel dates or cities, we will contact you directly on your contact number of drop you a message on your Whatsapp +12015548735. Thus, you must also make sure to provide us with your correct contact details.

Do you provide offers and discount ?

Yes we do. We always make sure to keep all our customers happy and satisfied. Hence, we provide maximum discounts and offers for all the group travelers as well as family members who are applying for the itineraries together. Our order form has been designed in such a way that you are able to get discounted prices on adding up seven more travelers in the order form.

What if I made a mistake while providing travel details?

We always suggest you to provide all the dates and locations very meticulously in our orderform. We make sure to deliver you the copies of your travel details on your email id which would serve as a proof as soon as you make your payment. Therefore, you must check it very carefully. However, if you have made any mistake while providing your travel details, you are free to let us know about the same. This should be done within the next 15 minutes of the mistake so made, so that we could process the concerned itinerary with all your updated travel details. Once the process begins or the itineraries get delivered on to your email, we would not be able to make changes in the Names as the airlines and hotels do not allow the process of modification as to the existing reservation. You can let us know through our contact us page or can also WhatsApp us on +12015548735.

Can I order flight and hotel reservations (itineraries) behalf of my family and friends?

Yes, anyone can make the most of our services by ordering them on behalf of their families as well as friends. You are only required to provide the details of the travel that are requested in our order form and make the further payment. Our travel experts will make sure to create itineraries that are based on the provided travel details. The services will be delivered to you on time. However you cannot make flight ticket for visa application on the behalf of your friends.

What, If I would like to change my travel plan?

If you revert and request us for the alteration in the travel plan once we have delivered your itinerary, you are advised to email us requesting required changes within 24 hours. Once we deliver the itinerary to you, we cannot alter the itinerary after 24 hours as the airlines do not allow for the process of alteration in the existing reservation.  You have to place a new order again.

Can I pay with my Debit/Credit card instead of PayPal ID?

Absolutely, you can even pay with your debit/credit card
Please follow the below instructions respectively,
1. After providing travel details in our order form
2. Click on “Pay Now” Button it will redirect you to pay pal payment gateway.
3. On the PayPal Page don’t go with login button simply just click on below button namely “Pay with debit or credit card”
4. Now put your card details and make the payment successfully!

Is it Mandatory to buy the provided flight tickets and hotel bookings from you?

No of course not, our provided flight itinerary and hotel bookings is purely for visa application process, many times it happens your trip dates and plans changes due to unexpected personal or official schedules, that is also a major reason why embassies do suggest you not to buy your tickets unless your visa get approved and once your visa get approved you can buy tickets and hotel bookings with you convenient way.

Can you provide reservations in specified airlines flights?

Absolutely, we can provide reservations in any specific airlines requested, please provide your specific flight details like airlines code and flight numbers with dates in the flight itinerary details box. Rest we will take care.

Do embassies accept the itinerary provided by you?

Yes, its 100% acceptable at all worldwide consulates because we provide standard airlines itineraries format. We have provided number of customers who got their visas approved using our services.

Do you provide Flight itineraries and Hotel Reservations for worldwide countries visa applications?

Yes, we do provide flight itineraries and hotel bookings for worldwide countries. Doesn’t matter whether you are applying to Schengen countries or non-Schengen countries. Consulates require flight reservations and hotel bookings documents to review that you have a perfect plans with your trip like expected budget for flights and accommodations, entry and exit from traveling countries etc.

What necessary information we required from you to generate Flight Reservations and Hotel Reservations?

We have simple and easy format for a normal user, you need to provide all the required information, which we asked in our order forms, you can also see sample text inside content boxes for your guidance to follow and provide details accordingly.

Are your Itinerary (documents/reservations) verifiable?

Yes all our reservations are 2 way verifiable using six digits codes provided in the itinerary (Reservations).

1st way verification by traveler through (Airlines reservation code) on airlines (websites)

In brief through (Airlines reservation code) travelers can verify their reservations on airlines website providing their last name and Airlines reservation code till time limit by airlines. Few airlines do not provide online verification but its completely fine as it can be verified on GRS system.

2nd way verification process which is specific for travel agents, Airlines and Embassies etc. Providing (Reservation code) on Global Access Reservation System for worldwide flight and hotel bookings.

How long are the Itineraries (bookings/reservations) valid for?

Validity of flight and hotel bookings

The itineraries (PDF documents) we provide will be valid for about 2 weeks by worldwide embassies, however depends on the airlines policy it varies.

We will make sure we create an itinerary that will be perfect for your visa application. We have been providing this service since 2015 to number of travelers globally. Our itineraries are accepted at all worldwide embassies. Even an itinerary that could not be verified on website due to their policies is still a valid document for visa purposes since all the reservations are generated on the airlines database and can be accessed on global airlines reservation system by global embassies up to two weeks. 

The flight and hotel reservations you provide are accepted by the worldwide embassies?

Yes, we have been providing flight and hotel reservations since 2015 for number of clients till date we dint received any no acceptable claim from any worldwide embassies till date. This is why our clients refer our services to many their family and friends who intend to process and acquire any country visa.

Do you provide new bookings for free if embassy request new reservations?

Yes, just Offer us with the Evidence of email Petition from embassy you received to submit Fresh Booking We'll provide new Bookings for free Precise to the order you placed.

Do you offer services for any country visa?

Yes, we Provide Confirmed flight and hotel reservations for any country visa application process. Does not matter what country you are applying for, we assure our best and serve you with all our services that meets international requirements worldwide.

Does your Supplied Insurance meets International and Schengen requirements?

Yes of course, our Insurance meets International and Schengen requirements withminimum policy coverage $50,000.

Note: we are not liable for any damages, deaths or healthcare claims during traveling. All insurance related inquiries, asserts, concerns, or issues ought to be directly dealt with the insurer or the agent supplied in the visa letter.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds: (if applicable) Once your order is confirmed after making payment with us, our auto email system will deliver you a copy of your travel details provided to verify along with a payment confirmation email. You may cancel your purchase and acquire reimbursed if demanded in next 15 minutes following payment supported after that Order will likely be processed and can't be cancelled and reimbursed.

If you require any corrections in your trip details given or desire adjustments for your own itinerary such as date fluctuations or trip changes, please respond to precisely the identical email with mandatory changes the moment you verify it.

Refund policy for Insurance:

Insurance orders once delivered are only 30% refundable if requested for cancellation before 12 days of Start date on the total amount paid for insurance. For any other circumstances it can't be cancelled and reimbursed.

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