About Schengen Travel
Are you planning to travel abroad and looking for flight reservation for visa free? Are you checking on how to book round trip flight reservation for visa application? Are you looking to get schengen medical insurance to travel across Europe? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are looking for a visa consultants like us. As a leading and primary service provider of visa consultation along with flight booking, hotel booking and travel insurance, Schengen Travel is known for their commitment and quality service. Established in the year 2015, Schengen Travel has helped hundreds of travelers in securing a flight reservation, booking their accommodation and in the processing of their visa application.

How do we work?
As visa consultants our job requires us to understand the multiple facets and regulations of every country’s visa requirements. Many of the customers are looking for an easy way to get their visas and to make their travel abroad with lesser hassles. We ensure that you have the quickest processing time without diverting from the legalities all the while ensuring a hassle free travel. We work in a structured manner, keeping the customers completely updated at each step. Our process includes,

a) Keeping ourselves constantly updated on the different kind of visa requirements from different countries like family visa, tourist visa, student visa, business visa, etc.
b) Explaining the travel visa requirements to our clients in simplified terms.
c) We offer you with flight itinerary or flight reservation for visa application as required by some of the countries.
d) Ensuring all the documents are in place for getting a positive visa from the country.
e) Ensuring the visa is processed without any glitches and received by the client on time.

Our Mission
Providing our clients with a holistic solution on all their travel requirements, from booking a hotel to processing their visa, from getting a flight reservation to travel insurance, ensuring that they do not have to look for anything beyond us has been our constant mission.

Why Should you Choose Us?
Being a primary consultant on visa processing for Schengen countries, we have the expertise and the experience to keep you on the right track every time.

  • With constant information updated into our database on the changing Visa requirement you will not find yourself coming back with more documentation every day.
  • We ensure transparency at every stage ensuring that you understand the requirements clearly and your documents are in sync with the expectations of the visa.
  • We can help you get a Schengen visa or separate visas for the countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. along with providing you visa options on other countries like Dubai.
  •  We help with different kind of Visas and for different countries across the globe.
  •  We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction on our services.
  •  You have multiple packages to choose from based on your requirement and your budget. Contact us today to have your visa processing done immediately!flight reservation for visa