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All Our Itineraries Are Authentic And Can Be Verified. Perfect For Visa Application! After Your VISA Is Approved Purchase Your Travel Tickets From Us And We Will Refund Your Itinerary Costs Completely. Therefore, Your Itineraries Are FREE If You Purchase Tickets From Us After Your VISA Approval!

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Fill in the ‘Order form’ to receive your flight or hotel itinerary without paying full price within 24 hours. All our itineraries can be verified on the airlines website. Discount available for group travelers.

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Fill in the ‘Order form’ to receive your flight or hotels itinerary without paying full price within 3 hours. All our itineraries can be verified on the airlines website. Discount available for group travelers.

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This is our Combo package which includes Unlimited flight & hotel itineraries. You will receive them within 24 hoursDiscount available for group travelers.

Unlimited Flights & Hotels $45
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This is our Combo package which includes Unlimited flight & hotel itineraries. You will receive them within 3 hours. Discount available for group travelers.

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  • All Schengen Countries
  • Canada Visa
  • Russia Visa
  • China Visa
  • Japan Visa
  • New Zealand Visa
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia Visa
  • We can do it for any country visa

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Flight reservation for visa application – popularly known as “flight itinerary for visa application” or “dummy tickets for visa application” – is crucial to almost all visa applications. The itinerary is to show the embassy that you have concrete travel plans, and don’t intent to remain in the country illegally. Unlike what most travelers think, you actually don’t have to buy expensive flight tickets before you apply for your visa. In fact, the embassies strongly advise against it! We provide completely authentic and verifiable flight itineraries without the need to purchase the entire ticket; the ideal solution to your visa application, and at a fraction of the cost of getting a real flight ticket (not to mention 0% of the risk!.

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Having hotel bookings for visa application – also known as “hotel reservation for visa application” – is just as important as having a flight itinerary for visa application. Embassies ask for hotel bookings for visa application (and this is crucial for Schengen visa applications in particular) so they can get a clear overview of your plans once in the country. Hotels abroad can be very expensive, especially in popular tourist destinations like France, The Alps, Italy, etc., and it is very risky to book hotels prior to even having the visa. What if your visa application is rejected? Or you change your mind about which cities to visit? The hotel bookings for visa application that we provide is a perfect substitute, and comes at a low price

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A Schengen travel insurance is, in addition to flight and hotel bookings, the most important document for your Schengen visa application. It is sometimes referred to as “travel medical insurance document for Schengen visa”; or “travel insurance for Schengen visa”, and is mandatory, as well as vital for your health when traveling abroad. This is not only in relation to the Schengen visa application process, but in regards to your overall safety and well-being during your travels. We have researched many medical travel insurance websites and finally got comfortable with ‘Visitors Coverage‘. We highly recommend them for their customer service. Below “Order Now” will take you to their website. Go through the ‘Travel Insurance‘ section in their menu bar and pick the medical travel insurance of your choice.

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Very helpful and quick response, they agreed to help me speed up the process since my visa appointment is coming quick. Highly recommend!

‎Zixin Fan

Shanghai, China

I recommend this service. The response was really fast for my queries and I got the reservation within 6 hours even though I chose 24 hr service. Also confirmed that the reservation is legit on the airline website. Thank you!

‎Sunny Sharma

Saskatchewan, Canada

Best service! Extra fast. Kind. Professional. Helpful. I definitely recommend it to all who need Itinerary for Visa application.
Thank you Schengen Travel team!

Natalija Rodosek

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Extremely happy with the service. Very professional and accommodating! Keep up the good work and more power! will definitely use your services again in my next travel.

Lyn Duenas

New Jersey, United States

Providing itineraries for flights has made my life so much easier. You guys do an excellent job. Thank you so much for your services!

Amrutha Rao

Hyderabad, India

Great work in providing my flight itinerary. Was very quick. Get email with in 6 or 7 hours with all details.

Ramesh Eerpina

Kentville, Nova Scotia

Wonderful, prompt and customer oriented service… Thank you so much!

Raghuvaran Ganesan

Celle, Germany

Their flight reservation for visa service is super fast and the best part is you can check the tickets from the airlines website and they are real bookings. It’s also easy to contact them and they’re cooperative in case you have any queries. Would recommend to my friends and fellow travelers!!

Navodita Bhatnagar

Carlow, Ireland

You guys are really doing fantastic. You did as you promised for providing me with flight itinerary as well as hotel booking, even helped me with the corrections promptly within the time frame. Thumbs Up. I will not only use your services again but also recommend you guys to all my known ones.

Karan Jeet Singh

New Delhi, India

Very professional and efficient services. They already give me quick responses to any questions I have. When I have to postpone my travel, they change my itinerary at no cost. I really appreciate it. Highly recommend.

Wenjuan Wang

Columbia, Missouri

I’m kind a skeptical person, but when I tried this one recommended by a friend I can say this is very very helpful! and I am so thankful! It really helps me a lot. Affordable and very accommodating. I will recommend to use this when you are going to apply for a visa and you are required to have a reservation ticket before you get your visa approved. From now on, I can just visit this website and reserve my ticket safely. Thank you for their good service.

Kathleen Panganiban

Kongsberg, Norway

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